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Ofsted Letter & Report

  • Welcome

    I am delighted to be Executive Head Teacher of White House Primary School this year.

    At White House we believe that children come first; every child is unique and should be nurtured to ensure confidence, individuality and the highest achievement. Our core values are based on the educational, spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of learning. Our focus is on enabling children to achieve their very best as confident individuals, more than adequately prepared for the next stage of their education.

    Since September 2013, White House has been on a new and exciting journey of review and development. Changes have already been made; we have the highest expectations of learning and behaviour, supported by our revised Positive Attitudes and Behaviour Policy. Our partnership with parents and the community is strengthened with a new Home/School Agreement and White House is buzzing with learning opportunities for all.

    Jane Midwinter
    Executive Head Teacher

  • Our aims and ethos

    Our aims are:

    • To enhance the child's self-image;
    • To maximise the child's learning potential;
    • To place emphasis on the all-round development of children;
    • To provide a happy and secure environment for the children;
    • To provide a broad and balanced range of learning experiences;
    • To provide a rich and exciting learning environment;
    • To encourage in children - confidence, independence and a desire to continue learning;
    • To develop appropriate attitudes, skills, understanding and knowledge;
    • To value individual contributions and celebrate personal success;
    • To develop life-long learners;
    “Our school is a fun and enjoyable place to be!
    It is easy to make friends. The learning is challenging and makes us think!” - Eve Gordon, Year 6
  • Our Curriculum

    Our curriculum provides engaging, hands-on, purposeful learning experiences for all children, whatever their ability or interests. Every morning starts with “Ready, Steady, Learn” club, motivating children to learn as soon as they walk through the door. Children are expected to be on time and ready for learning, every day. We encourage independence, perseverance, sharing of ideas, application of skills and knowledge, continually striving for high standards.

    Through an enabling environment we strive to provide the stimulus for exploring newly taught skills, knowledge and understanding. The Foundation Stage of learning, places an emphasis on developing children's personal and social development, as well as their gross and fine motor skills, alongside guided, shared and independent reading, writing and maths experiences.

    From Key Stage One through to Key Stage Two, we build on the Foundation Stage, planning progressive learning opportunities to equip children with the skills they will need both at school and in their adult lives.

    “Teachers are supportive and keep an eye on us. Pupils are kind and gentle. My teacher extends me to make it harder for us!” - Isabelle Hayton, Year 6
  • Our Curriculum

    We teach children to make sense of the world around them, visiting our local community and beyond and inviting visitors into school, to share others' experiences and career choices, to which our children can aspire.

    We are continually developing and improving our environment to enable the very best learning opportunities. Each class is equipped with a Smart Board, PCs, laptops, digital cameras, recording equipment and purposeful computer software; we are currently investing in new tablets to enrich ICT experiences; rich texts support language development, and maths and science resources ensure a practical approach.

    A large investment in books takes place annually and we have recently invested in a huge range, from all genres, for children to take home and read with their families. Our spacious library provides an additional wide range of rich texts for free choice.

    We acknowledge that young children's learning is most effective when it is relevant and experiential in a challenging and familiar context.

  • Extended Learning Opportunities

    Before school

    Brand new Breakfast Club, opening November 2013

    After school clubs

    Learning Challenge Club, Reading Cafe, Art, Dance, Football, Choir

    Lunchtime clubs

    Gardening, Netball/Hockey


    Clarinet, Recorder, Violin


    A residential visit is arranged for Year 6 with an outdoor pursuit theme. This is intended to build confidence through exciting, hands-on, outdoor educational experiences.

    Educational Visits

    Children are given opportunities to visit their local community and beyond to enhance learning experiences.

    Tournaments, Festivals and Galas

    Children participate with other schools in the area for music festivals, friendly football, netball and rugby matches and swimming galas.

    We believe in providing an holistic education, enriching children’s lives with the opportunity to explore a variety of activities and sports.

  • Our Positive Attitudes
    & Behaviour

    Each teacher and their class follow the school systems of reward and praise, based on the “Golden Rules”:

    • We are gentle
    • We don't hurt others
    • We are kind and helpful
    • We don't hurt anybody's feelings
    • We listen
    • We don't interrupt
    • We are honest
    • We don't cover up the truth
    • We work hard
    • We don't waste our own or others' time
    • We look after property
    • We don't waste or damage things

    Children's self-esteem and confidence is raised through a carefully constructed set of rules, preparing individuals for life.

    “The teachers and children work together to make the school a happy, kind and safe place to learn.” - Oliver, Axolotl Class (Year 5)
  • Our partnership with parents
    & the wider community

    We will:

    • Communicate clearly with parents, to quickly address any difficulties linked to your children's learning, relationships or behaviour
    • Give clear and regular information about your children's progress
    • Give your children the support they need to fully enjoy school life, achieve their best, reach their full potential and prepare them for the next stage of their education
    • Work with the local community in order to enhance learning opportunities for all its members
    • Work closely with the Friends of White House, forging positive relationships between school and home
    • Support parents to help their children learn through workshops, home learning challenges, learning platforms and parent forums
    “To greet with a smile shows you care. Every parent is important.” - Mrs Jean Downes, School Secretary
  • Admissions

    There are places for 30 children in the Foundation Stage. For further information and full details of the admission procedures, please contact the school office or visit the East Sussex County Council website. Our office staff are happy to answer any of your queries.

    The deadline for submitting your application for September 2014 is 15th January 2014.